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Company Profile

Top Dynamic International Holdings Limited (“Top Dynamic”) is a discrete semiconductor manufacturer with a primary focus on applications for smart consumer electronic devices. Headquartered in Hong Kong with our production facilities in Dongguan, the PRC, we assemble, package and sell our self-manufactured discrete semiconductors and trade other semiconductors sourced from suppliers.

Our self-manufactured products mainly encompass four categories of discrete semiconductors including diodes, transistors, rectifiers and transient voltage suppressors. They are mainly used in consumer and industrial portable electronics such as mobile phones, display monitors, LED televisions, portable electronic equipment, power supplies and various display port interface manufactured by OEM/ODM manufacturers for well-known consumer electronic brands mainly in Korea and the PRC.

We have also deployed the fourth generation discrete semiconductor packaging technology to manufacture ultra-small thin profile near chip scale lead-frame DFN series packages, which represent the newest discrete semiconductor packaging technology and are becoming one of the lowest cost and most practical packages for discrete packaging.

Our strong reputation for our reliability and ability to provide high-quality products, value-added solution kits and engineering solutions services, as well as comprehensive customer service has been a key contributor to our growth. With our technologically advanced production lines and strong technology expertise, we are able to offer customisable products which enable us to satisfy multiple end-market product requirements and the diverse specifications of our customers, which in turn contribute to our continued success.

Our customers are scattered all over the globe in the PRC, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, etc.