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Chairman’s Vision

Thank you for visiting the website of Top Dynamic International Holdings Limited.

Over the past years, we have seen our operations evolve from a trading company engaged in the distribution of semiconductors sourced from suppliers to a leading discrete semiconductor manufacturer with a primary focus on applications for smart consumer electronic devices. We have been continuously refining our focus on product innovation and development, as well as on enhancing our brand image and market position. Our value-added solution kits and engineering solutions services strive to maximise our customers’ cost effectiveness, minimise their turnaround time and ensure the suitability of semiconductors for their end-products.

Realising the responsibility on our shoulders, we endeavour to be one of the most innovative and competitive companies with a strong commitment to achieving quality and excellence in the semiconductor industry. Our well-recognised market presence with a strong product portfolio, coupled with streamlined and efficient manufacturing capabilities, boosts high quality production and cost effectiveness.

We highly value open and effective communications with our customers. As a result of our emphasis on quality in the self-manufactured products, we enjoy strong reputation among our customers for our ability to provide high-quality products as well as our perceptive awareness of both the market and evolving customer preferences.

We also welcome the engagement of all shareholders to promote greater transparency of our operations and corporate governance. Looking ahead, we will capitalise on our competitive strengths to increase market share and profitability. With our devoted and resourceful workforce, we are confident that we have the right strategy in place to deliver sustainable value and returns for our shareholders.

Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our employees, investors and other stakeholders for their tremendous contribution and unwavering support for Top Dynamic. While Top Dynamic is proud to look back on its outstanding achievements, we are most excited to look ahead to many more years of growth with our employees, investors and other stakeholders.

CHOW Hin Keong